This page is aimed at helping newcomers to the Society for Creative Anachronism get started. Many more links can be found on the subpages of the SCA website (see above).

If you are unable to find the information you need in the links below, please contact the Society Chatelaines Coordinator (newcomers’ liaison).

Getting acquainted with the SCA

How did the SCA begin? How is it organized? Why is everyone wearing odd clothing and bowing to those people with crowns? And how can I join?

Newcomers’ Guides

  • A Newcomer’s Guide to the SCA – Start Here!
  • Forward Into the Past
    An introductory booklet published by the Society. Goes into a little more detail.
    What is the SCA – Getting Started – Fitting In – What to Wear and How to Behave – Making a T-tunic – Names and Personas – Kingdom & Local Officers – SCA Combat – Who is Who? – Heraldry – Guilds, Households, and Sociability – The Gentle Arts and Sciences
  • The Known World Handbook, The Fighters’ Handbook and many other publications are also available from the SCA Stock Clerk’s Office.
    • NEW! Preview a sample article from the Known World Handbook – “Getting Ready for your First Event”

SCA Terminology

  • Glossary of SCA Jargon
    “Good grief – what do they mean by that?” The SCA has a vocabulary all its own. Here are definitions for the most commonly used terms you’ll hear at events or read in newsletters.


  • Advice to Newcomers
    Whether a long-time SCA member brought you to your first meeting or you came by yourself, there’s always a period of adjustment. Here’s how to get yourself oriented quickly and begin to have some fun.
  • “Newcomers are Nice – Advice to Established Members”
    Sometimes long-time members are just as unsure about approaching newcomers as you are about approaching them! This article may help you both meet in the middle.

Finding a local SCA group

What to Wear

Things to do in the SCA

Who to be in the SCA