The SCA Inc. seeks applicants for the position of Vice President for Information Technology, for a three-year term beginning April 12, 2014. This is a part-time volunteer position requiring technical leadership and a commitment of approximately 10-15 hours per week plus availability for emergencies. The position is reports directly to the President and indirectly to the Vice President of Operations and to the Board of Directors by way of an Ombudsman.

The Vice President for Information Technology (VPIT) leads a team of volunteers who maintain and manage the SCA’s Internet servers for web, email, and related infrastructure services. The VPIT team manages the SCA’s Internet domains, SSL certificates, the technical aspects of e-commerce clearinghouse services, and similar aspects of the corporation’s online identity. The VPIT may also lead and direct external paid contractors for specific business critical projects or administrative duties.

This position requires specific project management, interpersonal and technical skills, including the following:

· Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in writing, including documents and announcements that will be released for public perusal. This position also requires four detailed quarterly reports plus to the President and the Board, plus an annual (Domesday) report.

· Ability to interact constructively with non-technical clients who use the SCA’s online services, including Society officers, Board members, and the SCA’s corporate office team.

· Ability to lead a team of technical volunteers and/or paid contractors to support and enhance the SCA’s Internet capabilities.

· Ability to interact with the Corporate Treasurer, Society Exchequer, Society Chronicler, Society Web Minister, and other corporate level officers to advise on policy issues related to information technology.

· Familiarity with the software components and technologies used on the SCA servers. The main components include a variety of technologies with Linux, Apache, GNU, and PHP among them.

· Ability to maintain strict confidentiality of highly sensitive information.

Qualified applicants should have a technical college degree and at least ten years of experience in project management and information technology, or equivalent. Reliable high-speed Internet access, including while traveling, is essential, and ownership of a laptop computer is highly desirable.

The Vice President for Information Technology leads and/or implements strategic projects on a largely self-directed basis or as requested by Society officers or the Board. He or she also will direct a technical team that corrects problems on the SCA servers, sometimes on an emergency basis.

The SCA Information Technology team receives multiple daily reports from the servers, including status of important software systems, e-commerce summaries, and security bulletins. These reports need to be monitored on a daily or near-daily basis.

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