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What does SCA Participation mean for the Sanctioned Individual?

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The Society Seneschal asked:

Trying to get a handle on a loose thread regarding the sanction guide. What is the meaning of “SCA participation”. More specifically. When you get a sanction resulting in a revocation of membership and denial of participation, what should be precluded. So in the hypothetical Lord Bubba was r&ded for beating his significant other at a sca event. What can he do or cannot do? We know he cannot go to SCA events, SCA meetings? What else.

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2 Responses to What does SCA Participation mean for the Sanctioned Individual?

  • Someone R&D’d should not be allowed to participate at any official SCA function or communications, which would include events, meetings, fighter practices, revels, demos, on sanctioned message boards or websites, or any other activity where the SCA is represented officially. Persons attending unofficial gatherings or using unofficial media are at their discretion as to whom they allow to participate.

    • So, how do you know if someone is sanctioned or not? I tried to look up a list and cannot find one.

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