Family and Youth Programs


Many SCA local groups and kingdoms have Youth officers, who assist parents in integrating children’s and youth activities into events. Kingdom Youth officers report directly to their Kingdom Seneschals.

The webpage links below contain information for Youth Officers, children, youths, and for families with children. The Kingdom Youth webpages have links to each Kingdom’s Youth Policies, Minors’ Forms, Youth Combat, Page Academies, Resources, Discussion Groups, Youth Activities, and other important information.


Kingdom Level Youth Officers

To determine which kingdom you are located in, check the SCA Geography page.


Ansteorra – Minister of Children
Lady Caiterina O’Hara
E-mail | Webpage

An Tir – Family Activities Coordinator
Lady Mericke de Ross
E-mail | Webpage

Artemisia – Minister of Youth
Lady Michelle of Harris upon York
E-mail | Webpage

Atenveldt – Kingdom Youth Activities Officer
Lady Edeline de Diekirche
E-mail | Webpage

Atlantia – Chancellor of Family and Youth Programs
THL Aine Grienan
E-mail | Webpage

Æthelmearc – Chancellor of Youth
Lady Failend Brecc O’Conaill
E-mail | Webpage

Caid – Kingdom Youth Activities Officer
Master David of Caithness, OP
E-mail | Webpage

Calontir – Minister of Youth
THL Alyce Knight
E-mail | Webpage

Drachenwald – Minister of Youth
Lady AElfwynne of Eoforwic
E-mail | Webpage

Ealdormere – Chancellor of Youth and Youth Programs
Lady Brayla La Viennette

East – Chancellor Minor
Lady Cecily Bennett
E-mail | Webpage

Gleann Abhann – Minister of Children
TH Lord Elvis Montego
E-mail | Page School Webpage

Lochac – Children’s Deputy
Lady Josseline de la Cour
E-mail | Webpage

Meridies – Minister of Children
Lady Symonne da la Fontaine
E-mail | Webpage

Middle – Minister of Youth
THL Elizabethe Alles
E-mail | Webpage

Northshield – Kingdom Youth Officer
Domina (Lady) Aletheia Xanthia
E-mail | Webpage

Outlands – Kingdom Youth Officer
THL Jayne Barber
E-mail | Webpage

Trimaris – Minister of Youth
Lady Mira de Medici for Trimaris
E-mail | Webpage

West Page School Chancellor
E-mail | Webpage