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April 16, 2014

Got Talent Competition

gottalentlogoThank you for your interest in the Known World’s Got Talent Competition! The Society for Creative Anachronism has amazing artists and performers across our “Known World” of nineteen kingdoms around the world. We want to find the best of the best of our singers, musicians, actors, and other talented participants and display those skills for all to see!

Final Round Begins!

Our final round has begun! Mistress Marian and Countess Diana have selected the finalists and now it’s all up to you to determine who wins!

Voting continues until 11:59pm Eastern on December 16, 2013!

First Round Complete

Our voting for the first round has ended! The top four entries are:

Our special guest judges, Countess Diana the Listmaker (award winning author and co-founder of the Society, Diana Paxson) and Mistress Marian of Heatherdale (celebrated Celtic musician Heather Dale) will be adjudicating the top four and presenting us with their selections for the final two shortly! Check out the rest of the excellent entries below!

Check out our YouTube Channel for all the entries!


How to Enter

To enter the competition, upload a video of no more than five (5) minutes of a performance to YouTube between September 1, 2013 and 11:59pm (EDT) October 31, 2013.  The video must be titled “SCA KWGT – <Title of Performance> – <Name of Entrant>” and include “Known World’s Got Talent,” “Society for Creative Anachronism,” and “find out more about the SCA at” in the description of the video. Introduce yourself (using your SCA name) and the name of your performance piece and mention the Society at the beginning of your video. Once the video is uploaded, the participant must email the link to the video along with a Creative Works Grant of Use form (linked here, select the “publish the work electronically” box) to

The Competition

On November 1, we will publish a list of links to all the entrants for the competition. The general populace will be invited to view the materials submitted and vote on them using the “like/dislike” (thumbs up / thumbs down) system provided by YouTube. Voting will be open until 11:59pm (EDT) November 14, 2013. On November 15, the top four videos will be announced and our special guest judges, Countess Diana the Listmaker and Mistress Marian of Heatherdale, will review and select two of these videos to move on to the final round. These top two will be announced between November 15 and November 30.

On December 1, the top two entries will be announced and the general populace will be invited to vote on their favorite through 11:59pm (EDT) December 14, 2013 (extended to December 16 due to technical difficulty with judging) through YouTube. The performance that receives the most votes will be deemed the winner and will be displayed prominently on an upcoming SCA online resource (TBA) and receive a great prize pack courtesy of the SCA Medieval Barter Town community.

Rules for Entry

Participants must be 18 or older or have parental permission to appear on video (which must be provided in writing upon request to the SCA).

Only one video may be submitted per participant. Multiple participants may perform in a single video (such as in a group vocal or instrumental performance) but that video will count as the single entry for all participants involved.

Each entry must be related to the themes or culture of Society for Creative Anachronism, including works from the Middle Ages, or works performed in a medieval or Renaissance style, or works related to the activities of the SCA. Participants may not use any work for which they do not hold the copyright or right to use, according to the copyright laws of their area. (In general, medieval and Renaissance works will be public domain and have no restrictions on use.)

By submitting an entry, you agree to allow the SCA Inc. and its affiliate organizations to use your performance on any SCA Inc., affiliate, or branch website, social media, download, or other media marketing material.

Participants are responsible for following the YouTube community guidelines (available here) and any applicable laws related to video, audio, and Internet usage for their area.

The SCA Inc. and its affiliate organizations are not responsible for any content submitted under this contest. The SCA is not affiliated with YouTube, Google, or any of its properties. The SCA cannot provide technical support for the creation or uploading of videos, please visit the YouTube help website for assistance.

All videos must be new to YouTube as of September 1, 2013. Any video uploaded before that date will be considered ineligible for submission.

20 Responses to Got Talent Competition

  • Question of clarity: Will the only the “likes” acquired between October 1-14 be counted? Or from the beginning of the contest?

    I inquire because the top of the announcement reads “Starting September 1, you can begin uploading your performances to YouTube and get to voting!” and below that it reads “On October 1, we will publish a list of links to …. The general populace will be invited to…vote on them using the “like/dislike” (thumbs up / thumbs down) system provided by YouTube. Voting will be open until 11:59pm (EDT) October 14, 2013.”

    Could you please clarify the dates? Thank you!

    • Votes count throughout, so the sooner you upload your video, the better chance you have of impressing the populace!

  • My favorite song to sing is a filk I wrote to ‘Westering Home’ by Hugh S. Roberton.

    Do I need to have copyright permission from Robertson to perform a filk? And of so, he is passed away and I don’t know how to go about doing so!

    • Unfortunately, we cannot speak to the permissibility of any given song based on existing material under copyright. In general, your best bet is to perform a piece that is original, that you have the permission of the creator to perform, or that comes from an open source such as the public domain.

  • Because I am full of odd questions – is it possible to extend this one month? This weekend I posted to ealdormere, northshield, mid realm, west kingdom and ansterora Facebook pages and word hadn’t spread yet about the contest!

    • We’re actually going to extend it that one month to ensure everyone has a chance to enter! We’ve heard from quite a few people who need more time and we’re happy to oblige.

  • Oh, sweet, I’d love to do a recitation of some of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic poetry! I bet my brother could teach me how to make a you tube video. I probably won’t have time to do it, but thank you for this opportunity; I’ll keep it in mind! =)

    • While Tolkien isn’t in the public domain just yet, we’d love to hear some Beowulf or Iliad from you! Please take the extension time and submit something!

  • Could we submit some A Cappella work to this contest? Or does it have to be in one take?

    • Provided your video ends up being the same as what an in-person performance would have sounded like, we’d love to have a capella from you! Layering (multiple videos attached to create harmony from one person) wouldn’t be ideal though. Thanks!

  • I already have my video uploaded, but do not give any introduction. Can I include my name, performance title with author and other information in the written description? Concerning copyright domain, I am performing a 16th C. English sonnet, which was probably not meant to be sung. In fact, while there are a few other sung versions, I cannot find notation for it anywhere. I developed the melody and recorder fingering on my own.

    • Greetings! We’d love to have your entry, but the rules do indicate you must introduce the video with your information. Your entry may be embedded or shared and the data from YouTube may strip away in doing so. Is there any chance you could add it as a graphic to the beginning? Most PCs come with Windows Movie Maker and you can add a simple title screen which tells the required information.

  • OMG – I saw it just this moment. I hope ther will be one next year (I wish I had known that before to participate).

    Arnulf der Zeilner
    Kingdom of Drachenwald

    • We’re sorry you missed it! If it turns out to be a big hit, we’ll definitely look at doing it next year!

      • It should be – and please be aware, that some things grow (and this one has a great potential) if you do it on a regular base. I follow this , watched every single video and voted. I am sure, that there are more people like me who were not aware of this contest (I didn’t noticed something in our Kingdom Newsletter or at our Kingdoms mailing list.

        greetings, Arnulf

  • People are trying to vote, but discover they have to have a YouTube account to do so, and don’t wish to sign up due to security risks. Is there another site within the SCA where people could vote? Thank you so much, and could my link please have the proper spelling of my SCA name: Dauphina! Good luck to all the competitors :-)

    • Hey there. We certainly understand the privacy concerns, but we do need a mechanism to make sure there is only one vote per voter, and YouTube allows for that. We hope that doesn’t dissuade any large number of voters, but since Google accounts are so prevalent, we don’t forecast that it will be a major issue. And yes, we’ve absolutely gotten your spelling fixed!

  • Could this be done live at 50 Year?

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