Over a year ago the office of the Society Seneschal began a complete revamp of the sanction process. The Grand Council assisted in this mammoth project as did past society Seneschals, Kingdom Seneschals, members of the Royalty and past board members. Special thanks to the feedback from individuals that have gone through the sanction process in the past and the subscribers to the Society Seneschal’s unofficial Facebook page.

The new sanction guide cannot exist without changes to corpora therefore both of these documents are being put up for commentary as they are matched pair. You can find PDFs of those documents on the Society Seneschal’s webpage at http://socsen.sca.org/. Commentary will be open for 60 days and should be sent to sca-comments@lists.sca.org. The commentary period concludes December 28, 2013. It will be helpful to reference specific page number and section number.

The plan is to hopefully put this project in front of the board for approval at the January 2014 board meeting. If you have questions for me directly please contact me at seneschal@sca.org.

Sir Modius von Mergentheim
Society Seneschal


Sanction Guide Ver1.01 Jan2014 with charts 

Corpora Redline Sanctions 01012014