Potential change to Kingdom Seneschal’s Handbook…

To be included in Kingdom Seneschal’s handbook section XV Demo Policy.
A Demo with gunpowder is nominally defined as (but is not limited to) bringing any gunpowder (home-made or commercial), items containing powder, or the three main ingredients for the creation of gunpowder onto a site where a SCA event is being held, for the purposes of display or demonstration or any other similar activity, even if there is no intent of lighting the powder. Gunpowder demo rules apply to period flares, smoke bombs, cannons, smaller guns, rockets, and any other items including the basic ingredients in gunpowder. Does not include fireworks.

Rules for Gunpowder Demos in the SCA

1: Check applicable Federal laws
2: Check applicable State laws of state the demo will be performed in
3: Check applicable Local laws of city the demo will be performed in
4: Check Kingdom Law
5: Check if site allows it

Permissions required in writing from all the following people before the demo can be held. Copies of permissions must be available while the demo is occurring. If any of these say no, then the demo cannot occur.
1: Society Seneschal
2: Kingdom Seneschal
3: Hosting group Seneschal
4: Autocrat for the event
5: Owners of site
6: Local law enforcement if site is within city limits
7: King and Queen of Kingdom hosting the Demo

Notification must be given in writing to the following people.
1: Kingdom Minister of Arts and Science
2: Kingdom Knights Marshal

Safety Guidelines for discharging period reproduction guns
1: No projectile will be fired at an SCA event, unless there is a mundanely prepared firing range on site.
2: If the gun is commercially produced, documentation will be with the gun on the manufacturer specifications for using the gun.
3: If the gun is home produced, documentation will be with the gun on the proofing process followed to make sure the gun is safe.
4: When performing the demo, a safety zone of 25 ft behind the firing line, 100 yards to the side of the firing line, and at least 300 yards ahead of the firing line will be established. No people except those directly involved in the firing of the gun will be within this safety zone.
5: No Smoking within the safety zone.
6: At least one fire extinguisher and one first aid kit will be within the safety zone at all times during the demo.
7: A Handout will be available at the demo, providing at a minimum:
A: Safety procedures in place
B: Construction of the device or material in the demo
C: Historical references to the item/items in the demo.