Policy re the relationship between the ACL, BOTN and SCA Inc.

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The policy regarding the relationship between the Armored Combat League & Battle of the Nations and the SCA has been defined for over three years by two Society Seneschals and the Board of Directors, specifically:
1.  There will be no ACL/BOTN demos at SCA events.
2.  There will be no ACL/BOTN announcements (on a calendar or otherwise) on any official SCA media stream.
3.  If there is an ACL/BOTN announcement on an unofficial media stream, it must carry the disclaimer that this is not a sanctioned SCA activity.  If people become difficult and refuse to carry this standard disclaimer, the announcement should be pulled and the poster can be blocked at your discretion.
If anyone has questions on this matter, please contact me directly.  As the matter has been decided by two Society Seneschals and the Board of Directors, the matter is not open to debate.
A.J. Pongratz,
Society Seneschal
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