Baroness Anne de Tournai OP, OLBrigid CostelloThe Board of Directors would like to announce the appointment of Brigid Costello (Baroness Anne de Tournai,  OP, OL) as Society Social Media Officer.

Ms. Costello has worked in knowledge, risk and culture strategy for public and private sector organizations. She has previously provided social media expertise for a range of non-profit organizations, including successful campaigns for ovarian cancer research fundraising and music and arts festivals.

Baroness Anne de Tournai (OP, OL) is a 15th-century Burgundian noblewoman with a passion for mustard and the culinary arts. She believes that everyone deserves to eat well.

Ms. Costello may be contacted via

We would like to thank Ross Thompson for his dedicated hard work on the SCA social media presence,  and for his continued service to the Society.

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