Greetings unto the Populace of the SCA,

As you may be aware, the Society has been reviewing all Corporate documents with reference to Sanctions and sanction language. The goal is to create a comprehensive Sanction Guide.

The first stage of this review was performed by the Grand Council. The Grand Council was charged with finding, compiling, and reporting all references to sanction language contained within all the Corporate documents. The final report from the Grand Council was 38 pages long and contained many duplicated instances of the same sanction language.

With continuing efforts to create a Sanction Guide, we had to consider a revision to Section X in Corpora entitled “Sanctions”. Once again, the Grand Council was asked to revisit all the references to sanction language in Corpora and compile it and distill it into a simple but clear and concise section of language that would work in conjunction with the new Sanction Policy/Procedure once finally approved.

This phase simplifies and moves all grievance and sanction language to one spot in Corpora.

Proposed Revision to Corpora Section X – Grievances and Sanctions

Proposed Corpora Revision 06/2013 to run 60 days until 8/15/13.

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