About the Society Seneschal

seneschalroundlrgThe Society Seneschal (Vice President for Operations) manages the administration of the Society’s historical recreation, directing the activities of the Kingdom Seneschals and making interpretations of and clarifications to the policies governing historical recreation aspects of the Society.

Mike Watkins, Esq. has worked at Auburn University forMike Watkins nearly 30 years. A Navy Veteran, Mike has traveled the Middle East and the Persian Gulf with his last tour of duty in Submarine Squadron Four. His present volunteer work includes being an active storm spotter and conducting damage surveys for the National Weather Service, a Search and Rescue team leader for the local Emergency Management Agency, and recent retirement from over 25 years of Active Reserve Law Enforcement. Mike enjoys playing Middle Eastern music with local ensembles of classical Persian and East Indian music.

Baron Aylwin Watkyns, OP was born in England in 1460 at the beginning of the War of the Roses. After the war ended in 1485, Aylwin left England to travel the Holy Lands of the middle east, discovering the region’s rich cultures. He began to study Middle Eastern music which he enjoys to this day.

Society Seneschal: Mike Watkins (Master Aylwin Watkyns)

Contact Mike at:  (334) 744-9354  or