I would like to share with everyone the following letter from our most recent SCA President, Tom Hughes. As he indicates, it has been a busy past three years for the SCA, and his summary speaks for itself. We thank him for his time spent on behalf of our organization!

There have been other position changes effective this past weekend, please welcome Arthur Donadio as the newest Director, Mark Faulcon as Chairman, and Lisa May as Vice-Chair.

As always, we encourage everyone to share their thoughts, concerns, questions with us at


Leslie Vaughn

Incoming President, SCA, Inc.



April 20, 2013


Greetings unto the SCA,


I stepped down at the end of the April 2013 Board Meeting. During the past three years, it has been my extreme pleasure and supreme honor to serve you and the members of the SCA. When I stepped up as Interim Society Exchequer in January 2010 and then as President in July 2010, the SCA was slowly bleeding to death financially since the revenue and cost models were out of balance, the Corporate Staff was burdened the need to manage responses to the legal matters in Pennsylvania, and the SCA was responding to changes in state laws and enforcement relative to foreign corporations as it relates to SCA, Inc. operating in states other than California. There have been many accomplishments which we can celebrate. These include:


1. Formation of 15 subsidiaries;

2. Returning the SCA to a cash-flow positive basis;

3. Revising the revenue model for the SCA;

4. Reducing the operating costs for publication of the SCA’s kingdom newsletters.

5. Creation of the Vice President of Information Technology to guide the SCA’s use of computer and information technology.

6. Upgrades to the SCA’s information technology infrastructure.

7. Development of electronic newsletters for sustaining members.

8. Settling the Pennsylvania lawsuit;

9. Settling the lawsuit against the non-compliant insurance companies;

10. Regulating youth combat at Society level;

11. Development of an updated, draft Youth Policy; and

12. Establishment of the new Youth and Family Activities Program.


The SCA Board has embarked on developing and adopting a new Long Range Plan which represents a “renaissance in SCA governance.” I firmly believe that these efforts will result in a better game and a better corporation. However, some opportunities remain for continued improvement, namely: attracting and retaining members; continuing to make the SCA a member, family and youth friendly social organization; and maintaining a long term sustainable organization.


As I depart, I end by repeating my usual mantra: I command all SCA members to “Have fun and make our game fun for everyone, everyday!”


As always, I remain in service to the SCA. Your humble civil servant,

Thomas W. Hughes

Thomas W. Hughes

Out-going President, SCA Inc.
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